Cat Run, the craziest game of cats. A free and amusing game of six cats defying themselves in a crazy run on which you will have to bet.
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The craziest cats game in the world!
Play it now! Free download! Online competition.
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Welcome, this is the Home Page of Cat Run.
Cat Run is an amusing cat game in which 6 crazy cats engage a run. You only have to bet on which cat will win. If you are lucky you will gain the bet money multiplied you for its quotation. Obviously there isn't true money, but amusement is assured!
The aim of the game is to gain as much money as possible in order to become the champion of Cat Run. There is a on-line competition for all the players of Cat Run, so, show us who the best player is... is that you? The game is enriched with a enjoyable sound that increases the amusement of these funny overweight cats.
The game is completely free and so you can download it and send it to your friends or tell about it in your web sites. This web space is maintained thanks to the publicity. The game is developed for Windows XP but it works equally well also on Windows 95 /98/Me.
If you want to have a look at the game, go to the page of the screenshots where some images of the game are collected.

And now push download and enjoy yourself!




running catsAfter action, adventure and sport games finally we have an animal game for pc. The same suspence, fewer upsettings but sure enjoyment playing this Italian cat game.
The project belongs to the lively mind of its creator who has made use of the best friend of man (after the dog, obviously!) in order to create the hero of a new game for adults and children. The set of cat games has found a new amusing identity thanks to the entry of this game to net surfers’ world!

Have you ever seen in your life a cat walk? Didn’t you know that these nice animals can walk using their hind paws? Well, if you think that this is impossible, you will change your opinion looking at the characters of this game that are so similar to man.

Try to imagine a powerful cute cat willing to move: it is the protagonist of this game that is only waiting for your perspicacity in order to compete with other redoubtable opponents, cute cats too, but unfortunately your antagonists.

first classified cat The game screenshots will help you to get to the heart of this  pet game in which no misconduct is allowed but only reckoning and luck to take the podium.

In the world cat is the synonym of sweetness and mildness but also of liveliness and agility. These characteristics should mark the cat animal you need during Cat run match in order to achieve the final victory.
If your bet is good a laughing cat will show you that it has been beautiful compete for you. If not, the cat run you have joined will show a sad and desolate cat that can win during the following matches.

Keep calm, be carefully and during the following run the fastest cat running could be yours. Try to reach the victory starting a new game in order to defeat your opponents. Do not fear, playing the cat runs we propose you will not go bankrupt as the bets you will place are only about virtual money.

So do not hesitate and start playing…this cats game is waiting for giving you moments of authentic pleasure together with a lot of nice friends!